Posted on: July 22, 2009 1:42 am
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Boston's just too good.

I am so tired of the "experts" telling me that the Yankees can not overtake Boston that I had to post this on the night that my Yanks took over first place in the AL East.
Let's see what happens from here on out, it is baseball, for the love of God.
While I know that either the Yanks or the Red Sox will grab the Widcard, and while in my heart I know that Boston has a more talented team on paper, I haven't seen the Yankees playing such crisp baseball in YEARS. 
The kids are producing and aren't worried about being involved in some cockamamie Roy Halladay trade, and Girardi may have finally have gotten his point across about Mega-Stars playing Small-Ball. I haven't seen the Yanks manufacture runs the way they are now since Scott Brosius was manning the hot corner. 
It's a great feeling, however how fleeting, to know that for today - these overpaid Underachievers have come together as a New York Yankees TEAM and have once again become a bunch of guys one can root for... even if we are stuck with A-Rod until he's 61.
Let's go Yankees.

Posted on: July 11, 2009 2:14 am

Joba most certainly does NOT rule.

I've seen enough of the Joba Chamberlain experiment. Yeah, yeah I know that the Yanks have won 12 of 15 and are only one game behind Boston as I write this. I know that Chamberlain has devastating "stuff" which will both deceive while flabbergast opposing hitters. 
I want to see the guy snorting like a bull and firing snot-rockets out of his nose in the 8th inning. i want the guy who was following a 99 MPH fastball with a filthy 85 MPH slider. The guy who managed to get out of a DWI in Nebraska because he was too naive to understand we here would all understand him knocking New York to a cop in a video released to the 24 hour news cycle known as Das Media.
Ay, but here lies the rub.
Phil Hughes, the organization's  finest prospects in YEARS, is dominating in the 8th out of the 'pen; bringing the violence out of the pen with a bulldog mentality and velocity sure to make Triple-A batters are more than happy to face nevermore.
What do do in such a conundrum? 
Trade his ass, for the immortal Roy Halladay.
Hell, this era's players in baseball or the Union would ever agree to a salary cap so why not bring Doc in for the rest of the year by trading Austin Jackson, Jesus Montero (who I'd hate to see go, but I'd be perfectly content with Francisco Cervelli being the catcher of the future), Joba and either Melky Cabrera, Robinson Cano or Brett Gardner with a bag of balls throw in and the Yanks' rotation would be solid... to the point of being almost unfair.
In the interest of full disclosure, I neither WANT Roy Halladay by any stretch of the imagination - I'll gladly take him, though - nor do I  endorse trading the farm for one more future Hall of Famer. In this case, however I will waive my judgement as a fan, much more so that being force-fed Roger Clemens after all of those years of hating him. Halladay would turn the Yanks' rotation from a couple of aces and Pettite into Three Aces, Pettite and whoever starts the odd game the Yankees Lose. 

Ok, Cash? Bring me Halladay, I think I'm ready. I think Joba has run his course and we here whom have been waiting patiently for the Second Coming can truthfully Testify to it's veracity whilst witnessing the Dominance doled out by one St. Phil. With Matsui's and Damon's contracts coming off the payroll next year (I know we're still paying for 
Ah, who am I kidding... he's gonna go to LA.
By the way, don't ever mix Benadryl with a couple of beers as you will wind up like me.... blabbering about nothing on a blog that no one will ever read.

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Posted on: May 4, 2009 6:50 pm

The "New" Yankees

What a long, stange trip it's been.
After an off-season spending spree which landed the Yankees another crop of overpaid free-agents and one month of actual baseball, we here in the New York Metro area are already arguing over the merits of GM Brian Cashman's acumen in bringing in stars such as Mark Teixiera, CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett (How long until A.J. drops the periods in his monicker ala CC? I say July). One can not turn on any sort of sports show without being bludgeoned by so called "die-hards" spewing his virtuous vitriol over how the Yankees need to rebuild instead of spend, put an end to their orgiastic spending and move back across the street into the old Stadium since opposing teams are hitting dingers into right field at an alarming pace. 
Nothing makes me more mad than fans killing a team for a poor April performance; ready to slap the panic button and prematurely deeming the young season a failure. Let's break down the Yanks' major moves with a broader scope than 25 games, shall we?
Move #1: CC Sabathia
The argument: "Wow, we spent all this money on a guy who didn't want to be here, threw an extra year and $20 million at him to break his resolve, he came, and he stinks."
The reality:  Has anyone ever watched Sabathia in April before? It hasn't been pretty, kids. In his career, CC has a 1.96 KO/BB rate per game in the months of March and April, with an opposing OBP of.337. This point is aimed at the fans who can not believe that he hasn't come in this season and struck out 15 batters per game, and that his control is not that what it once was, therefore confirming the fact that he's a bust. By September/October, however, his Ko/BB rate jumps to 3.36 and his opponents' OPS deflates to .279, while his BA against drops from .263 to .220 within that same span. Not to mention the fact that Sabathia is good for 220+ innings per year, will take the ball on short rest and is a devestating lefty option worthy of the "Ace" title bestowed upon him. I have no qualms about stating the fact that by the time the leaves begin to turn and we're all tired of summer, we Yankee fans will be dancing a dance and will be eating Quarter Pounders in reverence of the Bombers' new Hefty Lefty.
The Prediction: 16-8 with a whole pile of no-decsisions, 220+ strikeouts and the knowledge not to go eat too many falafels or beef-kababs after the games.
Move #2 : Mark Teixiera
The argument: "This guy is hitting .187 and all he has is warning track power in a home-run hitter's ballpark. He's too soft for New York."
The reality: If you've watched any film on this guy, you'd know that he's dropping his back shoulder every time he's swinging the bat. It's a mechanical issue, and balls that he would normally drive into the seats are dying on the warning track. Add that to the fact that he's not batting in front of Alex Rodriguez yet, and you will understand that he's seeing many less pitches to hit. As his .354 OBP shows, he is still getting his walks, as he already has 19 BB during this young season. As much as I like Nick Swisher, he's no A-Rod; I know that as soon as A-Rod starts batting behind Big Tex that Teixiera will be dealt a lot more pitches to hit, thereby raising every average one could come up with. Teixiera's Yankee inititation has already begun, with the boos raining down upon him loudly, I have no doubt those boos will turn to cheers within the next 30 days. Again, in March and April, Tex has a career average of .249/.349/.433 in the categories of BA, OBP and SLG in April. By September, those numbers balloon to .309/.392/.605 respectively. He'll be fine and I'm sure that he will heat up sooner than later.

The Prediction: .303 BA, 37 HR, 110 RBI

I'm not going to comment on A.J. Burnett or the forgotten move for Nick Swisher right now, as they are the subject of tomorrow's blog. The only point I really wanted to convey was that Yankee fans are quicker than most to dismiss the bigger picture than most other fans. Maybe it has to do with the 24 hour news cycle, maybe it has to do with the fact that New York is the largest media market in the country; either way, this short sample size of one month of baseball is in no way indicative of what the long term benefits will be by these two over the top free agent signings. Relax, have a cream soda and get back to me in July.
Tomorrow is another day, Yankee fans.

Posted on: May 13, 2008 12:22 am

Damn Boston....

First and foremost, I'm a Yankee die-hard. One of my first memories was being three years old and my father and uncles celebrating a 1977 Yankees victory over the Red Sox. It was instilled in me then; I'm not going to bore you with any other nostalgic crap. Over the years, I've watched the rivalry grow and I myself have grown along with it; once a kid happy to get Jim Rice's autograph was now the guy who made it a point to urinate on Fenway Park. I was also the guy who made it a point to wear my Reggie Jackson jersey through Boston the night Aaron "Whatever happened to" Boone hit his home run. Lon live the rivalry.

I sat down to to watch this bastardized version of the Yankees tonight and even I was bummed out at the outcome. Glad that the Hank Steinbrenner era is going to look like most the King George version. Most of the joy I've gotten from baseball this season has come by watching young teams such as the Marlins and Rays finding ways to win with minimal payroll and maximum desire. That said, as much as I love the Yankees, I've resigned myself to the position that they will be a very boring team to watch this season and probably the next. I look for the simple pleasures now, like hoping Alberto Gonzales would have a breakthrough evening, somehow raising his trade value and landing us a guy like B.J. Upton. Or Justin Upton. Someone named Upton.

After watching tonight's ass-whipping of the Yankees by a bunch of hungry players looking to make names for themselves, I can say this. It hasn't been too much fun to be a Yankee fan over the last couple of years. No matter what anyone wants you to believe.

For one thing, Boston fans can make fun of you for the first time in a lifetime and there's absolutely nothing you can say in return. Ever since the comeback, we Yankee fans have been forced to eat crow while our "bitch" has become the Golath with whom to deal in professional sports. I don't want to praise Bostonian's patience as much as scorn their sudden cocksureness, yet I know how it feels. You're asked to defer to how much better Curt "Table for One" Schilling was than Roger Clemens over the last few seasons, one man's journey ending in the National Enquirer the other's to be decided.

Booooooo Boston.

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Posted on: May 12, 2008 11:41 pm

This is one of those test blogs.

So I will rattle off the names of a few players who have had legendary MLB moustaches.

Rollie Fingers, Goose Gossage, Rob Beck, Sparky Lyle, Don Mattingly, Steve Balboni and Keith Hernandez.

This is the end of the moustache blog. Feel free to add great moustaches.

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