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Posted on: May 13, 2008 12:22 am

Damn Boston....

First and foremost, I'm a Yankee die-hard. One of my first memories was being three years old and my father and uncles celebrating a 1977 Yankees victory over the Red Sox. It was instilled in me then; I'm not going to bore you with any other nostalgic crap. Over the years, I've watched the rivalry grow and I myself have grown along with it; once a kid happy to get Jim Rice's autograph was now the guy who made it a point to urinate on Fenway Park. I was also the guy who made it a point to wear my Reggie Jackson jersey through Boston the night Aaron "Whatever happened to" Boone hit his home run. Lon live the rivalry.

I sat down to to watch this bastardized version of the Yankees tonight and even I was bummed out at the outcome. Glad that the Hank Steinbrenner era is going to look like most the King George version. Most of the joy I've gotten from baseball this season has come by watching young teams such as the Marlins and Rays finding ways to win with minimal payroll and maximum desire. That said, as much as I love the Yankees, I've resigned myself to the position that they will be a very boring team to watch this season and probably the next. I look for the simple pleasures now, like hoping Alberto Gonzales would have a breakthrough evening, somehow raising his trade value and landing us a guy like B.J. Upton. Or Justin Upton. Someone named Upton.

After watching tonight's ass-whipping of the Yankees by a bunch of hungry players looking to make names for themselves, I can say this. It hasn't been too much fun to be a Yankee fan over the last couple of years. No matter what anyone wants you to believe.

For one thing, Boston fans can make fun of you for the first time in a lifetime and there's absolutely nothing you can say in return. Ever since the comeback, we Yankee fans have been forced to eat crow while our "bitch" has become the Golath with whom to deal in professional sports. I don't want to praise Bostonian's patience as much as scorn their sudden cocksureness, yet I know how it feels. You're asked to defer to how much better Curt "Table for One" Schilling was than Roger Clemens over the last few seasons, one man's journey ending in the National Enquirer the other's to be decided.

Booooooo Boston.

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