Posted on: July 11, 2009 2:14 am

Joba most certainly does NOT rule.

I've seen enough of the Joba Chamberlain experiment. Yeah, yeah I know that the Yanks have won 12 of 15 and are only one game behind Boston as I write this. I know that Chamberlain has devastating "stuff" which will both deceive while flabbergast opposing hitters. 
I want to see the guy snorting like a bull and firing snot-rockets out of his nose in the 8th inning. i want the guy who was following a 99 MPH fastball with a filthy 85 MPH slider. The guy who managed to get out of a DWI in Nebraska because he was too naive to understand we here would all understand him knocking New York to a cop in a video released to the 24 hour news cycle known as Das Media.
Ay, but here lies the rub.
Phil Hughes, the organization's  finest prospects in YEARS, is dominating in the 8th out of the 'pen; bringing the violence out of the pen with a bulldog mentality and velocity sure to make Triple-A batters are more than happy to face nevermore.
What do do in such a conundrum? 
Trade his ass, for the immortal Roy Halladay.
Hell, this era's players in baseball or the Union would ever agree to a salary cap so why not bring Doc in for the rest of the year by trading Austin Jackson, Jesus Montero (who I'd hate to see go, but I'd be perfectly content with Francisco Cervelli being the catcher of the future), Joba and either Melky Cabrera, Robinson Cano or Brett Gardner with a bag of balls throw in and the Yanks' rotation would be solid... to the point of being almost unfair.
In the interest of full disclosure, I neither WANT Roy Halladay by any stretch of the imagination - I'll gladly take him, though - nor do I  endorse trading the farm for one more future Hall of Famer. In this case, however I will waive my judgement as a fan, much more so that being force-fed Roger Clemens after all of those years of hating him. Halladay would turn the Yanks' rotation from a couple of aces and Pettite into Three Aces, Pettite and whoever starts the odd game the Yankees Lose. 

Ok, Cash? Bring me Halladay, I think I'm ready. I think Joba has run his course and we here whom have been waiting patiently for the Second Coming can truthfully Testify to it's veracity whilst witnessing the Dominance doled out by one St. Phil. With Matsui's and Damon's contracts coming off the payroll next year (I know we're still paying for 
Ah, who am I kidding... he's gonna go to LA.
By the way, don't ever mix Benadryl with a couple of beers as you will wind up like me.... blabbering about nothing on a blog that no one will ever read.

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